Our Role:
Empowering Ebiquity's business stakeholders and reducing reliance on Legal through Playbooks.
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Increased process efficiency.
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Decrease in legal team workload.

Project Summary

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Ebiquity Legal engaged TLB to enhance efficiency and allow legal to focus on strategic tasks.
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TLB designed playbooks for Ebiquity's legal agreements, simplifying language and enabling self-service for business stakeholders.
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Playbooks empowered business to negotiate within risk boundaries, reducing legal team involvement.
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Ebiquity experienced improved legal operation efficiency and reduced workload due to streamlined negotiations.

The Challenge

Ebiquity Legal approached TLB to comprehend how optimizing efficiency in their legal operations might enable them to focus on more strategic tasks. Specifically, Ebiquity was interested in streamlining the process for business stakeholders to interact with their commercial partners without needing to involve legal where possible, through the use of a playbook that would allow business stakeholders to negotiate for themselves within the bounds of Ebiquity’s risk envelope.

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Ebiquity Legal sought to enhance their legal operations' efficiency to focus on strategic tasks, particularly streamlining business-stakeholder interactions with commercial partners while minimising legal involvement.
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The aim was to establish a playbook empowering business stakeholders to negotiate within Ebiquity’s risk parameters and reduce dependency on legal in the process.

The Outcome

Decrease in team workload

As a result of the project, Ebiquity reported an increase in legal operation efficiency and a decrease in legal team workload, because business stakeholders were able to take control of their own negotiation process without having to involve legal on routine negotiation points.

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