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As a world-famous brand, the International Motorsports Teamhas a unique suite of commercial contracts.

However, whether it was booking hotel rooms for the team members or loaning out replica cars, the International Motorsports Team's existing contracts didn’t offer an exciting, innovative user experience to match their racing team.

But if cars can benefit from design thinking, why can’t contracts?

Step 1: Discovery

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the International Motorsports Team's existing contracting process, focusing on the specific agreements they had identified for legal design. Using a virtual whiteboard, we collaborated closely to identify their most significant pain points and understand the primary users involved.

We also considered the counterparties who would be reading and engaging with these agreements. 

Step 2: Setup


In our pursuit of maximum user-friendliness, we strategically structured the framework agreement with key elements prominently displayed. On the first page, we included a concise summary along with all the essential commercial variables.

Tone of voice

After collaboratively agreeing on the desired tone of voice for the International Motorsports Team, we proceeded to create sample language for their review and selection. For agreements targeting a legal audience or those of a complex nature, a "legalistic" tone was preferred.

Conversely, agreements intended for direct use by the business adopted a more colloquial tone. This approach ensured that the tone aligned with the specific audience and purpose of each agreement.

Step 3: Delivery

With the approved prototype as our guide, we swiftly proceeded to develop the remaining agreements in the suite. 

By working in an Agile manner, we prioritised flexibility and responsiveness, enabling us to make timely adjustments and align our work with the evolving requirements of the International Motorsports Team.

This iterative process ensured that the final deliverables precisely met their expectations and needs. Regular feedback loops and constant communication with the client were instrumental in maintaining alignment and maximising the effectiveness of our collaboration.

The Outcome

By leveraging our legal design methodology, the International Motorsports Team underwent a transformative journey, revising their entire suite of template contracts and successfully achieving all three objectives.

Our collaborative approach enabled us to comprehensively address their needs and create a remarkable impact on their contract management process.

  • Better brand alignment between Legal and the business. We successfully delivered a comprehensive suite of fully designed, plain English agreements that aligned with the International Motorsports Team's brand and tone of voice. 
  • Time and cost saving. The user-friendly nature of the agreements allows business stakeholders to confidently navigate and handle routine contractual matters themselves, freeing up valuable time and resources for the legal team.
  • Better relationships with business stakeholders. By prioritising template design, the International Motorsports Team's legal team has achieved a significant milestone in empowering the business to independently negotiate and finalise simple agreements directly through their contract technology platform. 
  • Seamless tech deployment. By optimising the documents for their dedicated technology tool, the process of digitisation, automation, and enabling self-service for business stakeholders became significantly easier.

With this newfound efficiency, the legal team at the International Motorsports Team can now focus their expertise on what truly matters: providing invaluable advice on high-risk agreements and addressing strategic issues.

Working with TLB on our document redesign was a really smooth and speedy process. Their discovery and feedback sessions were extremely helpful and crucial in us winning internal engagement for the project. The TLB team are all fantastic and completed everything within deadlines and to a very high standard with brilliant results.

International Motorsports Team

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