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Increasing a Leading Insurance Company’s speed to contract by 50% with CaaS AI
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Our client is a leading UK pensions insurance specialist, managing over £48bn in assets and securing pensions for over 84,0000 people. 

With such a significant portfolio to manage and legal workload to match, the Legal team faced a familiar challenge: too many contracts to review and insufficient resources to review them. 

The Legal team took a strategic decision to seek out a partner who could not only provide a highly efficient, cost-effective solution to their contract review problem, but who could bring substantial legal operations experience to meaningfully improve their organisations' speed to contract whilst adding long-term value to the business. 

Enter TLB. By leveraging CaaS AI, the Insurance Company was able to double its contract output per month and become a data-driven, value-generating legal function for the business.

What’s CaaS AI and how did it work for the Investment Bank


Caas AI is TLB’s AI-powered contract review and negotiation offering. We couple cutting edge Artificial Intelligence with our human expertise to deliver speedy, accurate and cost-effective contract management support, end-to-end whilst in parallel optimising teams’ legal operations for long-term added value. 

Step 1: Discovery

To begin with, we kicked off with a detailed in-person Discovery workshop to understand more about the bank’s stakeholder landscape, contract types, risk appetite, preferred contract positions, and general contract management processes. 

Having supported the bank previously in the implementation planning for their chosen CLM tool, we understood their tech landscape well. During Discovery therefore, our Ops team spent time with Procurement to understand where the implementation was currently at, any pain points and their overall objectives, enabling us to create a bespoke plan of action to achieve those objectives. 

Step 2: Set-up


Following Discovery, we tailored our TLB Standard Playbook to suit the bank’s preferred positions, complete with fallback positions, risk threshold matrix and approvals matrix. We also developed a bespoke playbook for certain data agreements we would be handling.

IT Integration 

Given the sensitive nature of the bank’s business, we got ourselves set up on the bank’s systems, including Sharepoint, Teams and their CLM system, to seamlessly handle contract reviews and communications with the team.


With a limited number of templates currently in place, we recommended a number of templates that the bank could implement (and which we could provide) to reduce reliance on third party paper and speed up negotiations. We also recommended associated value and risk thresholds to implement in order to enhance business self-service for certain contract types.

Legal Ops Diagnostics Report

We delivered our Legal Ops Diagnostic Report, setting out our recommendations as to how to optimise their processes and tech stack more broadly. This included a dedicated plan of action to improve and expand the use of their CLM system to achieve their overall objectives.

Step 3: Delivery

Contract Management 

Procurement started sending us contracts from day 1, which we turned around on a 1-3 day SLA basis, ensuring at all times that the bank’s specific relevant regulatory, compliance and data protection requirements were being met in their contracts. We liaised directly with stakeholders and counterparties as needed to relieve Legal and Procurement of their BAU contracting burden completely.

CLM Optimisation

We worked with the bank to implement recommended changes to their CLM system to fully optimise its use and achieve the bank’s risk and regulatory reporting objectives.


We kept Procurement in the loop with weekly WIP reports on their consumption, so they could simply and easily manage budgets

On a monthly basis, we provided them with insights into and trends concerning their contract landscape, and held monthly supplier management meetings to ensure the bank was completely satisfied with our support.

Finally, we provided continuous improvement recommendations in the form of our Quarterly Optimisation Reports. This included recommendations related to their tech stack, templates, processes and playbook positions to continuously enhance their speed to contract, better manage spend and remove any friction in their processes.

The Outcome

By partnering with TLB, the bank saw their contract throughput increase by 80% and their contracting efficiency increase by 30%, by removing bottlenecks and ensuring precious Legal and Procurement resources were being deployed where the bank needed them most.

A Contracting Bolt-on To Your Business

Our CaaS solution pairs AI software with our expert team to process, negotiate and manage routine contracts with simplicity and speed.
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