Pharmaceutical company

Our Role:
Selecting the right tech provider.
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Saved up to 10 hours of demo time.
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Reduced project failure risk by methodically choosing the right tool.

Project Summary

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Pharmaceutical company faced challenges with email-based legal support requests lacking centralisation.
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TLB employed legal tech selection methodology, interviewed stakeholders, and prioritised requirements.
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Using the Legal Tech Directory, TLB shortlisted four vendors aligned with specific needs.
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Delivered a comprehensive report for informed decision-making, resulting in swift vendor selection and improved operations.

The Challenge

A prominent pharmaceutical consultancy grappled with a significant challenge in effectively managing legal support requests from various departments. The company found itself inundated with emails, resulting in a lack of centralisation, prioritisation, and visibility. This overflow of emails led to difficulties in promptly obtaining updates on ongoing legal work and responding to business requests for contract creation. Recognising the pressing need for a remedy, the company realised that embracing legal tech could provide an efficient solution to manage their legal support requests and streamline their operational processes.

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Prominent pharmaceutical consultancy struggled with managing legal support requests due to email overload, causing disorganisation and delays in updates and contract creation.
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Company identified urgency in adopting legal tech for efficient request management and operational streamlining.

The Outcome

Equipped with a comprehensive report and insights into the top legal tech solutions, the pharmaceutical company was able to make an informed decision promptly. Demoing just four tools, rather than multiple, the company was able to choose the right vendor within a matter of days, rather than months. Not only had they saved valuable demo time, but they found a tool that gave the business the right level of visibility and autonomy, freeing the legal team up for strategic, value-added work.

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