TII (Technology Innovation Institute)

Our Role:
Introducing a Legal Ops function to the TII Legal Team so they can focus on what really matters.
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Improvemenet in contract review process efficiency.
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General increase in team productivity.

Project Summary

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Built out a Legal Front Door using Jira Service Desk.
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Implemented a Document Management System.
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Created commercial contract playbooks.
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Improved workflows and processes.

The Challenge

TII had been facing a substantial surge in their workload, closely tied to their groundbreaking research and discoveries. The need for streamlined legal operations became evident to sustain their impactful work efficiently. TLB was enlisted as a partner to deliver a comprehensive Legal Operations Service, establishing a close and continuous collaboration. This collaboration enables TLB to manage the review and enhancement of their legal operations, enabling TII Legal to concentrate on furthering their positive global impact.

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TII faced a significant workload increase due to groundbreaking research, necessitating streamlined legal operations for efficient scalability.
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TLB was engaged to provide ongoing Legal Operations Service, allowing TII Legal to focus on impactful contributions while TLB managed legal operations enhancement.

The Outcome

TLB has been able to help TII optimise their legal operations continuously through our unique Legal Ops-as-a-Service program. By building out a Legal Front Door, TII now has a structured and efficient process for handling incoming legal requests from business stakeholders, which has reduced response times and improved communication. The implementation of a Document Management System has also allowed TII's legal team to work more efficiently, making it easier to manage their workload and access relevant information. Additionally, TLB's creation of playbooks for common agreement types has empowered TII's business stakeholders to negotiate and drive agreements with less input from legal, freeing up the legal team to focus on more strategic tasks. Overall, TLB's partnership with TII has allowed the organisation to continue advancing cutting-edge technologies and promoting innovation, while ensuring their legal team functions optimally.

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