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Wayflyer: fast-growth Fintech revamps its employee policies

Transforming the employee experience by rethinking its policies and increasing employee engagement 

Wayflyer was founded by Aidan Corbett and Jack Pierse in 2017 to solve the biggest challenges facing growing eCommerce businesses. They raised $76m in an all-equity Series A led by some of the world's top investors (the same investors who have funded companies like Stripe, Brex and Revolut). Within two years, Wayflyer has gone global with a presence in Dublin, Atlanta, New York, London and Sydney.

The challenge: inconsistent and legalistic employee policies 

With rapid growth comes a need for consolidation before more growth can continue sustainably. With employees all around the world and a suite of policies that needed to be rolled out, it was important that Wayflyer was demonstrating its values as an employer and empowering employees to engage with what they were asking them to adhere to. 

Wayflyer’s People team didn’t believe the ‘traditional’ way of creating company policies was effective. They wanted to create a set of internal policies that their employees would easily understand and want to engage with.

Project Overview

The requirement: engaging employee policies that were fit for purpose. Wayflyer recognised that not many employees engage with internal policies as they are usually presented in a non-user friendly way that creates more work than value. The requirement was for TLB to create a set of policies that were drafted in plain English, accessible to all employees and ‘on brand’. 

The approach: At TLB we follow the ‘double diamond’ methodology to find the best solutions for our clients.

Step 1: Discovery

Getting to know Wayflyer’s employees 

The engagement began with a discovery exercise to understand Wayflyer’s needs, who their employees were and what the business was aiming to achieve. Through stakeholder interviews, we found that many of their employees were young, tech savvy individuals so reading reams of text wasn’t the way they most effectively consumed content. 

We also delved into Wayflyer’s company values to ensure that the end product was reflective of those and aligned with the overall tone.


We also found that the People team were aiming to increase compliance with the policies and ensure that there was consistency (as much as possible) between policies rolled out in various jurisdictions but also taking local nuances into consideration. 

Step 2: Set-up

Tone of voice 

In close collaboration with the Wayflyer’s People and Legal team, we set out to agree what the scope for the revised policies would be. To begin with, we created three writing samples which we presented to Wayflyer so they could see the difference in tone of voice and decide on which best represented them. Wayflyer wanted a balance of professionalism and friendliness so some of the legal terms needed to be retained. 


In collaboration with their branding and design team, we produced design samples for Wayflyer to choose from and which would be representative of the brand the People team wanted to portray to their employees. A vibrant, colourful design was chosen which was aligned with the overall company style-guide and reflected their values as a fun, dynamic team. 


In order to make sure that even those employees that didn’t read the whole document understood the content of the policy at a high level, we agreed on a framework structure for all policies that included an executive summary (which is aligned with the ‘TL;DR’ concept Wayflyer employees are used to engaging with), infographics, icons and and tables.

Step 3: Delivery

Language revision 

We created a set of policies that were drafted in plain English and in the active voice. We removed all legalese and replaced it with simple phraseology but without eroding the professional tone. The word count was reduced by 40% and through the use of icons, tables and executive summaries, we were able to deliver the same content quality with less effort required on the employee’s part to consume it. 


We included an executive summary at the top of each policy so that employees could quickly grasp what the policy covered and whether it was relevant to them. We also used icons to guide readers in a more intuitive way. Tables were introduced to structure complex content and flowcharts and process diagrams were used to convey multi-step procedures.


A seamless internal process. Transparent, user-friendly and audience-appropriate policies result in better engagement and therefore higher levels of compliance, increased employer trust and higher employee satisfaction.

We also supported the client with setting up regular feedback loops with Wayflyer to continue gathering input and continuously improving their policies. 

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"We’re so happy with the policies TLB created for us. They really help bring out the image we want for our business, as a caring and trusting employer."



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