Our Role:
Wayflyer increases employee compliance with Policy Design.
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Increase in employee engagement.
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Increase in general employee compliance.

Project Summary

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Wayflyer sought to improve its employee policies to align with values and engage its global workforce.
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TLB conducted discovery, recognising the need for plain language policies to resonate with tech-savvy employees.
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Collaborated with Wayflyer to define scope, tone of voice, design, and structure of policies.
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Designed policies with executive summaries, infographics, icons, and tables for better understanding.

The Challenge

Amidst rapid expansion, the challenge lay in harmonising diverse employee policies for sustainable growth. With a global workforce and a range of policies to disseminate, Wayflyer sought to showcase its values and empower employees to embrace these guidelines. Dissatisfied with conventional policy creation methods, Wayflyer's People team aimed to devise easily comprehensible and engaging internal policies. Recognising low employee engagement due to the typical non-user-friendly presentation of policies, TLB was tasked with crafting plain English policies that were accessible to all employees and aligned with the company's identity.

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Rapid growth necessitated the consolidation of worldwide employee policies for Wayflyer, highlighting alignment with company values and employee engagement.
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Existing employee policies at Wayflyer were perceived as ineffective due to their non-user-friendly nature and lack of engagement among employees, prompting the need for a redesign.

The Outcome

Transparent, user-friendly and audience-appropriate policies result in better engagement and therefore higher levels of compliance, increased employer trust and higher employee satisfaction.

Feedback and iteration

We also supported the client with setting up regular feedback loops with Wayflyer to continue gathering input and continuously improving their policies. 

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We’re so happy with the policies TLB created for us. They really help bring out the image we want for our business, as a caring and trusting employer.

Margaret Kearney

Head of People Operations and GC

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