Revolutionising the way NDAs are agreed


NDA's are a waste of time
Legal teams around the world spend a ridiculous amount of time on reviewing NDAs when they are low value, low risk and hardly ever get litigated.
Unfortunately, the agreement was watertight but students weren’t signing it.
- Kaveesha

The Solution

Let's crowd-source this
TLB spearheaded an initiative to crowd-source a standard NDA that legal teams can adopt as their own to reduce time, cost and commercial deal delays for our peers in the industry.

The Result

The new standard
Within 3 months from launching v1 oneNDA was downloaded 7000 times, used by 1200 companies and publicly adopted by 500 organisations.

In-house lawyers are reporting great success, significant reduction in time spent negotiating NDAs and a feeling that they’ve been a part of true innovation that is pushing our profession forward.
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