Let’s work together to make contracts more understandable and visually appealing.

What is Legal Design?

Legal design is the application of design thinking to law.

The purpose is to create legal documents that are specifically designed for the end user – whether that be your stakeholders, your customers or other lawyers.

That means:

Legal Design

Pure ‘designers’ focus on just this
Most lawyers focus on just this

What does this include?

Information Design

Most legal documents are long-winded and difficult to understand.

With information design, we focus on how to relay information to the user in the most efficient way using a range of tools including iconography, explanations and visualisations.

You will receive a beautiful document that is balanced and user-friendly so that you can minimise negotiations and get to signature quicker.

Product Design

We don’t advocate for legal tech for legal tech’s sake. We understand how difficult it is to change tech and processes that are entrenched within your team.

With product design, we take a holistic view of your current processes and identify areas where we could increase efficiency using off-the-shelf and bespoke tools that are suited to your specific needs.

By integrating the correct tools, your team can focus on delivering to a high standard.

Service Design

We understand how important user experience is in every industry - Legal is no exception.

With service design, we review how Legal interacts with the wider business and its customers. Where we uncover inefficiencies and complexity, we will redesign your processes to simplify them and ensure the most seamless experience when users interact with you.

What we've done

What people say

TLB helped us find our tone of voice and delivered a set of user-friendly, plain English terms that really speak to our customer base.
- Atik Ahmed, TradeIX
By the end of the process, we had a suite of bespoke, easy-to-use tools that allowed us to better manage our workload, save time and money and empower other business stakeholders.
- Alistair Houghton, Curve

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