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What’s the difference between Legal Design and Legal Ops? 

Legal design and legal operations (legal ops) are two distinct concepts within the legal field, focusing on different aspects of legal practice.

Legal design is an approach that applies design thinking principles to improve the accessibility, clarity, and usability of legal information and documents. It involves using design methodologies to create user-friendly and visually appealing legal materials, with the aim of enhancing comprehension for both legal professionals and non-legal individuals. Legal design focuses on how legal information is communicated and presented to users, with an emphasis on visual elements, plain language, organisation, and user-centred design principles.

Legal Ops on the other hand, pertains to the management and optimisation of legal processes, technology, and resources within a legal department or organisation. It involves the strategic and efficient management of legal functions, including project management, technology implementation, financial management, vendor management, performance metrics, and process improvement. Legal operations professionals work to streamline legal workflows, enhance efficiency, and leverage technology and data to drive better outcomes and cost-effectiveness within legal departments.

At TLB, we provide Legal Ops support but delivered with a Legal Design approach - this is what makes us unique and the solutions we deliver work well - because they’re designed with the user in mind. 

I’m an enterprise organisation. Who can I speak to about bespoke pricing?

We offer flexible, fixed-fee per instruction pricing at an enterprise level. If you’re interested in hearing more, we’d love to chat! Feel free to drop us a line here or book in some time with us here.

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