Contracts are our bread and butter.  We know how it’s done.

What are Managed Services?

A natural extension of your team you can trust to just ‘get it done’. Experienced in-house lawyers and paralegals with a custom blend of roles, expertise and seniority to match your BAU needs.

Run by a dedicated delivery manager (if you need one) so there's no hassle of extra management or the worry of quality control.

Managed Service

What do you get?

Day to day dream team

Our team can handle one-off projects, cover a specific type of work at busy times, or bolster your team across specific skills and practice areas.

You rest easy knowing your BAU is being handled by expert lawyers you can trust and who understand your challenges.

Personal Touch

Managed Services are practical, flexible and your team can be quickly set up in as little as one or two weeks. Get started with a small team of two or three, all the way up to very large teams, growing or shrinking as you need.

And it’s a personal service all about relationships – you get to know each team member as they get fully entrenched in your business.

Data to impress

You can access reports with data from across your Managed Services, helping you make improvements, prioritise and find efficiencies in your legal function.

And we’ll give you insights you can use to truly prove your business impact.

What we've done

What people say

The team at TLB has been an invaluable resource to us for managing the overflow of procurement contracts, working with us to create a playbook and standardised wording for contracts. <br><br>

They have been flexible and responsive. They take the pressure off the in-house legal team, allowing us to work on the things that cannot be outsourced.
- Stephanie Dominy, Snyk

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