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Electra Japonas

Having spent 10 years as an in-house lawyer and contract manager in various large organisations, I became frustrated with the way Legal operated.

That wasn’t to say that Legal didn’t want to do better. They absolutely did. But the tools, processes and resources available to them, both at an organizational and industry-level, were just not up to scratch in terms of delivering on business growth objectives.

With TLB, I set out to change that. My mission is to truly transform the way Legal operates through a combination of tailored services that enable Legal to work in a more streamlined and automated way and industry initiatives like oneNDA to bring better ways of working to our profession as a whole.


Our mission is to transform Legal so that it 100% aligns with business growth objectives

We are firm believers that trust is the foundation of any successful relationship and we're committed to understanding your unique needs and objectives to ensure your success.

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Creating partnerships, not transactions.

Understanding your objectives both at an organisational and strategic level is key to the success of our partnership. We take the time to delve into your needs holistically, then design a bespoke solution to achieve your goals.

Bold moves, big impact.

The legal industry is nowhere near done with innovation - in fact, it’s barely got started. Our mission is to change in-house function teams from within but also influence the industry as a whole with community driven initiatives that bring transparency, better ways of working and progress to us all.

Achieving real results.

You want meaningful outcomes that make a real difference to your bottom line and that's what you'll get by working with us. By taking a strategic, outcome-driven approach, we'll partner to deliver the best possible results that will transform your legal function from the ground up.


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