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From Overwhelmed to Optimised Legal Teams

Giving you reassurance, speed and efficiency through a unique blend of legal, design, and technology expertise
Trusted by over 350+ Legal teams
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Your way to better legal operations

Legal Optimisation
Get your time back
Streamline Legal Process
Streamline your work
Legal Transformation
Transform complicated legal documents

Most legal teams struggle to innovate or run effectively

Legal documents
Your legal documents are too complicated
Legal Outsourcing
You don't have time to improve what you do
legal processes
Your processes create bottlenecks and alienate your customers
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You consistently perform lots of repetitive tasks

Optimise your legal team and processes

With our killer combo of outsourced contract review services, legal operations and legal design expertise, we’ll help you build the legal team of your dreams. 
Get your time back
Get your time back so you can work on more strategic matters. We'll pick up the heavy lifting with a focus on your unique risk appetite.
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Legal Operations & Tech
Streamline the way you work
Streamline the way you work, eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks and create slick, engaging tools and that will supercharge your Legal team
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Contract and Policy Design
Make your legal documents shine
Give your legal documents a makeover and transform them into user-friendly, visually appealing tools.
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Achieve real results with TLB

Legal Consultant London
Electra Japonas
Founder and CEO
Contract Lawyers

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Achieving tangible, meaningful outcomes for clients' bottom line
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Streamlining processes for increased efficiency
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Continuous improvement and optimization of clients' legal operations
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Focusing on reducing costs and improving team performance

What our clients think of TLB

The team at TLB has been an invaluable resource to us for managing the overflow of procurement contracts, working with us to create a playbook and standardised wording for contracts.
Legal consultant review
Stephanie Dominy, GC
So refreshing to work with such a proactive and friendly team. My commercial stakeholders have been singing your praises too which is real testament to how knowledgeable yet approachable you are.
Legal consultant reviews
Claire Sanders, GC
The TLB team knows exactly what they're doing and I totally trust them to understand our needs - I've used them twice now and not been disappointed.
Lawyer review
Rob Kerrigan, GC

Unlock your Legal team's potential

Bogged down with low level work? Spending too much time on manual tasks when you know they should be automated? We're here to help.
Contract review
Get your time back for more strategic work
Legal can and should be at the forefront of business strategy. Yet Legal teams spend up to 65% of their time on low value, high volume contracts leaving little time for the challenging, business-transforming work you're capable of doing. We can help.
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contract lawyers
Consultant Lawyers
Legal design
Make your contracts and policies work for you
Long, complex and unwieldy documents can be the source of all sorts of pain. But finding the time to simplify, redesign and test them to make sure they're doing what they need to can be difficult when you are one of the most overstretched teams in an organisation. We can help.
More About Legal Design
legal Operations
Create processes that are in your favour
Manual, long-winded processes can slow down your legal team and alienate your stakeholders and customers. But finding the time, headspace and appropriate expertise can be a barrier to creating better ways of working. We can help.
More on Legal Operations
legal process
Lawyer London
Legal technology review
Reduce manual work through technology
Digitisation of your legal function is not a nice-to-have, it's a must. But navigating the hundreds of legal tech tools out there can be daunting and implementing new tech can be a huge job on its own. We can help.
Explore Legal Tech

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How it Works

Your simple plan for more efficient, optimised and beautiful legal processes.

1. Schedule a Consultation

Simply book a consultation with our team to get started.

2. We help you define what is required to succeed

Our team will help you define what is required and the best approach. We then get to work.

3. Remove bottlenecks and upgrade your legal operations

The result will be fewer bottlenecks, more efficient processes and innovation

Let's streamline your legal operations and get your time back

10x the effectiveness of your team with TLB
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