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“If I had to pick one person with the gumption, energy, persuasion and talent to change commercial law for the better, I would pick Electra. oneNDA is her showreel.”

Olly Buxton
Editor, The Jolly Contrarian
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Industry Standard Contracts

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Are you from an industry where you often exchange contracts that more or less say the same thing but in different words? Is the disparity between your industry contracts causing unnecessary friction, delays and expense? Do you wish there was a oneNDA equivalent that would enable your industry as a whole to operate more efficiently? If so, we can help.

We can deliver a project to standardise an industry-level template contract which will completely transform the way you contract with partners, customers or suppliers. By applying the oneNDA methodology to standardisation, together we can transform your industry as a whole. With our extensive experience in helping clients articulate their priorities, choose the right product and project manage its implementation, we can help you with your contract transformation journey in the most meaningful way.

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oneNDA 7-step process

Agree on scope of standardisation initiative

Compile a Steering Committee with the right members


Release for consultation tothe community


Co-create a first draft with the Steering Committee


Iterate draft based on feedback and improve

Release first draft to the community and test

Collate feedback from community users and iterate

“We have received positive feedback from prospects that the format is simple and straightforward.”

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Chris O’Connell
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“We had a prospect say it was amazing and so much simpler and fairer than the usual NDAs. We then won that customer.”

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Rob Atkinson
Sorted Group
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“Our commercial teams can now get a deal up and running even more quickly and so this has been a complete no-brainer!”

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Maire Neary
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