Our Role:
Streamlining Curve’s legal intake with a Legal Front Door.
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Reduction in contract turnaround times.
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Less headcount required than originally planned.

Project Summary

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Acted as an extension to Curve's legal team reviewing all their commercial contracts.
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Revamped their processes and workflows.
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Build a legal front door on Jira Service Desk.
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Created a single contract database on.

The Challenge

Alistair Houghton, General Counsel and sole in-house lawyer at Curve, faced a multifaceted workload that encompassed contract review, regulatory assessments, and staying updated on legal changes. As the sole legal expert, Alistair recognized his potential to contribute strategically beyond legal matters. However, he encountered unanticipated hurdles, such as adapting to new systems like Slack, G-Suite, Jira, and Airtable, and navigating a less structured work culture compared to his previous environments.

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Alistair Houghton, the only in-house lawyer at Curve, had to manage a diverse workload involving contract reviews, regulatory assessments, and staying updated on legal changes while also adapting to new systems and a less structured work culture.
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Juggling legal responsibilities with strategic contributions was challenging for Alistair as he navigated various tasks and learned to work within a dynamic environment at Curve.

The Outcome

Thanks to TLB's implementation of the Legal Front Door, Curve was able to reduce contract review turnaround time by 50%, allowing Alistair to focus on more strategic tasks and providing the business with faster access to legal support. The introduction of a Legal Front Door also provided stakeholders with a central database of contracts, ensuring they were aware of what contracts the company had entered into and their annual spend.

TLB helped us to build an efficient legal function that can keep up with the needs and challenges of our fast-growing business. Their innovative approach has helped us to revolutionise the way we work and the tools we use.

Alistair Houghton

General Counsel

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