Outsourced Head of Legal Ops

Making TII's contract review process 30% more efficient by optimising their Legal Ops

Improvement in contract review process efficiency
General increase in team productivity
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The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a leading global research centre based in Abu Dhabi dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge to develop innovative solutions - spanning engineering, AI and renewable energy - for a better world. Having experienced a significant growth in its workload, TII Legal recognised the need for a more sophisticated, streamlined and efficient legal operations framework to continue supporting the business at its growth.

Step 1: Discovery

Kicking off with a detailed Legal Ops Diagnostics Workshop, we identified four key areas TII were looking for support with: implementing a legal front door, implementing a Document Management System, developing playbooks and redesigning their policies to be more business-friendly. We also held a separate session to deep dive into their current NDA review process, explore their preferred positions and fallbacks, in order to develop a bespoke playbook.

Step 2: Set-up


We delivered a bespoke NDA playbook to TII, which we also uploaded into our AI system, to begin reviewing their NDAs with precision and efficiency.

System set-up

We conducted a deep-dive into their tech stack to explore what tool would work best for their legal front door and what was outstanding in terms of implementation of their Document Management System.

Step 3: Delivery

Legal front door

Using our bespoke methodology, we created a legal front door for TII using one of their existing tools, to minimise spend and maximise the chances of adoption by the business. By centralising all requests for Legal support, TII was able to glean valuable information and reporting from the system to inform their function more broadly.

Document Management System

We project managed the implementation and rollout of TII’s chosen DMS, which was adopted across the business, and enabled TII to centrally manage its documents and risk.

Policy redesign

We redesigned TII’s business-facing policies to be more user-friendly, enhancing their compliance as employees were able to better understand TII’s processes and their own obligations.


TLB has been able to help TII optimise their legal operations continuously through our unique 'Outsourced Head of Legal Ops' offering. By building out a Legal Front Door, TII now has a structured an efficient process for handling incoming legal requests from business stakeholders, which has reduced response times and improved communication.

The implementation of a Document Management System has also allowed TII's legal team to work more efficiently, making it easier to manage their workload and access relevant information. Additionally, TLB's creation of playbooks for common agreement types has empowered TII's business stakeholders to negotiate and drive agreements with less input from legal, freeing up the legal team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Overall, TLB's partnership with TII has allowed the organisation to continue advancing cutting-edge technologies and promoting innovation, while ensuring their legal team functions optimally.