Our Role:
UNHCR transforms and automates its Partnership Agreements through Contract and Workflow Design.
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Decrease in negotiation times.
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Increase in partner satisfaction

Project Summary

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UNHCR aimed to simplify partner agreements for quicker support delivery without increasing risk.
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TLB conducted on-site discovery and mapped processes to redesign templates and streamline the process.
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Resulted in improved templates reflecting partnership spirit, reduced workload, multi-year agreements, and optimised negotiation process.
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Enhanced communication and contracting streamlined UNHCR's aid delivery, maintaining manageable risk profiles in urgent situations.

The Challenge

UNHCR aimed to establish a partner agreement template facilitating swift provision of funds and aid to on-ground partners, while avoiding heightened risk. This required streamlined, technology-enabled agreements. Simultaneously, UNHCR sought to alleviate workload, enhance negotiation efficiency, and introduce multi-year agreements to cultivate a stronger sense of partnership among colleagues and partners.

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UNHCR aimed to streamline partner agreement processes to efficiently disburse funds and support while managing risk.
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They sought to reduce workload, optimise negotiation processes, and establish multi-year agreements to foster a sense of partnership among colleagues and partners.

The Outcome

The new templates and process better reflect the spirit of UNHCR's partnerships with local and multinational partners, and have reduced the workload for all colleagues and partners involved in the negotiation process. The implementation of multi-year agreements has helped to embed a sense of partnership between UNHCR and its partners, and the playbooks created by TLB have optimised the negotiation process so funds and support can more quickly be mobilised. 

UNHCR now has a much more streamlined approach to communicating and contracting with local partners and stakeholders. As a consequence, it is likely that in situations where aid must be deployed quickly, such as an earthquake, UNHCR can now give that aid whilst maintaining a digestible risk profile and ensuring life-saving assistance, protection, and durable solutions are able to be provided to refugees and other people displaced by conflict and persecution.

TLB has completely reimagined the way we contract with our Partners and has provided us with a simplified, well-designed contract suite that will reduce the time we spend on creating, negotiating and managing our agreements. The way our various contract types interact with each other now is not only elegant but also strategic as they encourage the right behaviours both internally and externally. TLB is an innovative, dynamic company that doesn’t shy away from a challenge - I have no reservations in recommending them.

Robert Hurt

Deputy Director (Strategic Planning and Results) and Head (Implementation Mgt and Assurance Service) at UNHCR

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