Our Role:
Increase Remote’s conversion rates through Contract and Workflow Design.
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Decrease in bounce rates.
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Faster deal cycle.

Project Summary

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Assisted Remote, a global digital platform, in streamlining their user sign-up journey to boost customer conversion rates.
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Remote faced challenges with a lengthy onboarding process, impacting scalability and customer satisfaction.
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Consolidated and simplified three separate contracts into one, reducing negotiation time and internal workload.
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Redesigned Remote's platform wireframe, enabling self-service for customers and resulting in a 30% decrease in bounce rates, 20% faster deal cycles, and increased customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Remote approached TLB with a specific challenge: their onboarding processes were becoming sluggish due to increased demand, causing a delay of around 72 hours between onboarding and adding new employees. This affected their scalability and competitive stance in an era where rapid contracting is the norm. TLB's discovery revealed a complex process with 50 steps from customer engagement to sign-up. Additionally, the contract consisted of three different structures, managed by separate internal teams. TLB recognized an opportunity to simplify Remote's approach, enhancing customer experience, conversion rates, retention, and overall satisfaction.

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Remote encountered an issue with delayed onboarding, taking about 72 hours, affecting their scalability and competitiveness amid rising demand.
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TLB's discovery highlighted a convoluted process with 50 steps for customer engagement to sign-up, coupled with three distinct contract structures managed by different teams, necessitating simplification and enhanced customer experience.

The Outcome

Increase deal speed and customer satisfaction

Overall, Remote saw a 30% decrease in bounce rates, a 20% faster deal cycle, and a sizeable increase in customer satisfaction.

TLB's legal design approach has helped Remote transform their legal and onboarding processes to improve their customer experience and achieve significant business outcomes.

We’re delighted with how TLB helped us redesign and reengineer both our processes and our platform. Previously, everything was heavily weighted towards mitigating legal risks at the expense of the customer experience. With TLB’s guidance, we’ve struck the perfect balance between our legal and commercial priorities. Now, when our customers want to hire and grow, we offer the fastest, most efficient and frictionless service out there.

Jared Benjamin

Managing Counsel

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