Our Role:
We helped Toyota optimise their contract review process.
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Improvemenet in contract review process efficiency.
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Reduction in legal team's workload.

Project Summary

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Conducted a discovery session to identify efficiency bottlenecks.
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Developed a playbook for Toyota's legal team, streamlining contract review for main contract type.
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Enabled business users to negotiate on Toyota Legal's behalf with minimal input.
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Implemented continuous red flag review service for quicker initial contract reviews, aiding Toyota's transition to a more strategic legal role.

The Challenge

Toyota's legal team encountered the task of striking a balance between managing contract review and redlining while also engaging in strategic initiatives. As a company dedicated to innovation and sustainability, Toyota greatly relies on a legal team that is capable of providing guidance on upcoming strategic endeavours.

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Balancing contract review and redlining with strategic initiatives in Toyota's legal operations.
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Ensuring the legal team supports Toyota's innovation and sustainability commitments through effective guidance.

The Outcome

As a result of TLB's services, Toyota's legal team has been able to improve their contract review process efficiency by 30%. This has enabled the legal team to focus more on strategic initiatives, leading to better overall performance and outcomes for the company. Furthermore, the red flag review service provided by TLB has enabled a quicker first pass for contracts, resulting in faster turnaround times and an even more streamlined process for Toyota legal. Overall, TLB's involvement has been helpful in creating a more efficient and effective legal operation at Toyota, contributing to the company's continued success in the automotive industry.

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