Helping a Leading Pharmaceutical Company to Select the Right Legal Tech Provider

10 hours
Demo time saved
Vendors to choose from, rather than multiple
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A leading pharmaceutical consultancy faced a significant challenge in managing legal support requests from various departments. All requests were received via email, resulting in a lack of centralisation, prioritisation and visibility. The result was an overwhelming number of emails seeking status updates on ongoing legal work, along with requests by the business for legal to create contracts on its behalf.

The company recognised the urgent need to adopt a legal tech solution to efficiently manage their legal support requests and streamline their operations.

Our team stepped in to help the pharmaceutical company overcome its challenges and choose the right legal tech solution for the organisation.

Step 1: Discovery

Adapting TLB’s dedicated legal tech selection methodology, we started by conducting in-depth interviews with the key stakeholders in the legal and business departments to gather their requirements and understand their pain points.

Step 2: Set-up

We prioritised these requirements based on their importance and impact on the company's legal operations. This step helped the company focus on the core functionalities they needed in a legal tech solution, eliminating the noise of unnecessary features.

With the business requirements and priorities in hand, we turned to our extensive Legal Tech Directory, which catalogued various solutions available in the market. The directory comprised details of each vendor, their products, features, and reviews from other companies that had already implemented these solutions.

By mapping the prioritised business requirements against the Legal Tech Directory, we shortlisted four vendors that were the best fit for the company's needs. Each of these vendors offered unique features and capabilities which we ensured were aligned with the specific requirements and pain points identified during our initial interviews.

Step 3: Delivery

We produced a detailed report for the client, presenting the four recommended vendors, their features, benefits, and how each could address the company's challenges effectively. The report served as a comprehensive guide for the company's decision-making process.


Equipped with a comprehensive report and insights into the top legal tech solutions, the pharmaceutical company was able to make an informed decision promptly. Demoing just four tools, rather than multiple, the company was able to choose the right vendor within a matter of days, rather than months. Not only had they saved valuable demo time, but they found a tool that gave the business the right level of visibility and autonomy, freeing the legal team up for strategic, value-added work.