Coventry Building Society

Our Role:
Unshackling Coventry Building Society from routine work with Contracts-as-a-Service.
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Reduction in contract turnaround times.
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General increase in team productivity.

Project Summary

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Established a legal front door within CBS's existing system for seamless communication and instruction of TLB lawyers.
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Developed tailored playbooks covering third-party agreements and template terms and conditions for CBS.
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Redesigned terms, simplified language, and rebalanced positions to ensure negotiability and desired third-party behaviors.
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Swiftly conducted contract reviews with a UK-based expert team, exceeding SLA expectations with an average turnaround time of 19 hours.

The Challenge

Coventry Building Society (CBS) confronted a familiar obstacle: an excessive volume of contracts requiring review, with constrained resources to manage the workload efficiently. In search of a comprehensive remedy, they engaged TLB, a prominent legal design and operations firm. TLB provided a comprehensive contract review service that not only streamlined the review procedure but also enhanced the overall contract function. This case study showcases the fruitful collaboration between TLB and CBS, exemplifying the impressive outcomes achieved through their joint endeavours.

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Coventry Building Society (CBS) faced the challenge of managing a high volume of contracts with limited resources for effective review.
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The need to streamline the contract review process and optimize the entire contract function prompted CBS to seek a solution from TLB, a leading legal design and operations company.

The Outcome

Transforming Contract Review Efficiency

By partnering with TLB, CBS experienced remarkable improvements in their contract review process. The introduction of TLB's comprehensive service resulted in a 30% reduction in contract turnaround times, enabling CBS to expedite agreement conclusions and drive business growth. TLB's expertise, combined with their commercial approach and best practice methodologies, enabled CBS to save time, increase productivity, and ensure the smooth execution of contracts.

The collaboration between TLB and Coventry Building Society showcases the transformative power of a holistic contract review service. TLB's deep understanding of CBS's operations, seamless integration, and commitment to continuous improvement propelled CBS's contract function to new heights of efficiency. Through this successful partnership, TLB empowered CBS to focus on strategic legal matters, enhance stakeholder satisfaction, and achieve greater business success.

TLB just ‘get on with it’ - they take a pragmatic approach and don’t ‘overlawyer’. Our contract function has now been transformed through smart tools and processes.

Gurminder Kaur Nijjar

Head of Legal Operations

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