Our Role:
Truelayer selects the right CLM for their requirements through TLB’s Tech Selection process.
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Reduction in touchpoints throughout the contract process.
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Increase in deal speed.

Project Summary

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TLB collaborated with Truelayer to optimise contracting processes for Legal and Sales teams amid rapid growth.
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Conducted a CLM discovery session to identify touch points and tech solutions.
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Recommended a CLM solution with advanced task management capabilities to enhance collaboration.
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Deployed chosen CLM, reducing touch points by 40% and providing better workload management, reporting, and team communication through advanced features.

The Challenge

Amidst Truelayer's rapid growth, it became evident that an opportunity existed to cultivate a unified approach to contracting, one that could amplify efficiency for both the Legal and Sales teams. Through the strategic use of technology and the streamlining of processes, Truelayer aimed to foster enhanced collaboration between these departments, facilitating a more seamless and harmonious working relationship.

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Truelayer's growth revealed the opportunity to develop a united approach to contracting, enhancing efficiency for both the Legal and Sales teams.
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Utilising technology and streamlining processes became vital for fostering improved collaboration and synergy between these departments during Truelayer's rapid expansion.

The Outcome

Deploying the chosen CLM reduced the number of touchpoints by 40% and consolidated the end-to-end lifecycle management into a single solution. This involved removing the current point solution and ticketing system entirely from Truelayer's current process and replacing them with the end-to-end CLM and task management solution.

The CLM also introduced additional functionality that Truelayer did not previously have, allowing for better team workload management and reporting through a dashboard that now allows them to view all open tasks, receive automatic contract status updates, directly liaise with their wider team within a 'task' or 'matter,' and use the platform's advanced search and reporting capabilities to monitor their function. 

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